Monday, July 13, 2015

Ways Magic Mike XXL is Kinda 60% of What I Want in a D&D Campaign:

-It's a road trip.
-So much friendship.
-Complications occur along the way that necessitate changes of plans.
-These changes involve meeting interesting people; new ones are encountered as well as people from the characters' pasts.
-These complications lead the party down new, unexpected pathways that allow the characters to reach their destination, albeit changed because of what they've learned along the way. 
-The story doesn't focus on the challenges presented to the characters, but instead showcases how the characters decide to deal with the challenges as they arise. 
-The relationships between the characters are built around shared experiences; it's like looking in on a campaign that's been going on for years, with callbacks to past encounters.
-Character growth! Self-discovery!
-The characters work as a team, there's sometimes intraparty conflict, but it's dealt with without mean-spiritedness.
-The party dynamic is inclusive, not based around power trips or antagonism.
-Everybody has their niche and a chance to shine, even the quiet guy who sits back most of the time.
-Goofiness levels are about as high as they can get in my games without things falling apart. 
-Everybody is having a great time. 

The missing 40%:

-There were obviously no examples of zombies puking out worms that are exploding in wet pops because the zombie is on fire.
-Moral dilemmas.
-High weirdness (the young lady headbutting everything in a motorcycle helmet is a start.)
-The serious parts where everybody gets quiet/freaked out.
-Donkeys and Fiend Folio monsters.